Fri. May 17th, 2024

The Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria (GPBN) firmly supports the recent move by the House of Representatives of the National Assembly calling for a declaration of a national emergency over ritual killings in Nigeria.

Of late, there has been an upsurge in acts of ritual killings in our dear country, Nigeria. Many people have been senselessly killed or nearly killed in this ravaging trend.

Ritual killing as it is known today in Nigeria, entails the killing of human beings as a form of sacrifice; or sacrificial investment that will make the killer(s) instantly wealthy.

Unfortunately, money rituals have never been known to made anyone wealthy and never will. Yet ,the belief still exists and sadly, seems to have taken a dangerous upward dimension of late.

Society needs to appreciate that the only way to success and wealth is through smart hard work, perseverance, consistency, selling products/services needed by many people and properly reinvesting the income as it comes in.

What has even made it terribly dangerous is the trend of killing human beings or using human body parts for such rituals.

There have been several cases of children using their parent(s), parents using their child(ren), friends using friends, boys killing their girlfriends, people generally killing whoever they feel they can kill and get away with.

Recently, four teenage boys were caught after they had successfully killed the (ex)girlfriend of one of them. They had decapitated her and were roasting her head for money rituals in a local pot.

Contemporary Nigeria needs to re-educate herself and her youths on the values and practices that lead to veritable wealth creation.

It is hoped that the current move by the House of Rep would lead to a sustained collaborative collaborative effort between the government and the populace to concertedly curb this unfortunate trend. 

The youths of this nation, who unfortunately seem to be the highest perpetrators and victims of these acts, have unlimited talents that can be properly channeled into valid income generating activities. Therefore, we need to join hands to stir them to believe  in themselves and and in their ability to build a safer and more  prosperous future.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Long live the Guild of Professional Bloggers of Nigeria.


Femi Adeoye


Adrian Egonu


By Jennifer Ihuoma Abraham

Jennifer Abraham holds a bachelors degree in English Language and Literature and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. She has practiced journalism since after her national youth service assignment in 1989 as an independent TV producer/presenter and magazine editor; focusing on entrepreneurship, personal and community/natural resources development. She has attended broadcasting courses sponsored by the United States Information Service and Science Reporting Workshops with the African Technology and Policy Studies Network. She is also a teacher, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ and has partnered with NGOs, Government Agencies and individuals to promote philanthropic causes.

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